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A Study on the Formation and Restoration of the Amphibia and Reptila in Mt. Chilbo Area
칠보산 一帶의 兩棲 · 爬蟲類棲息相및 復元對策
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2019;18(1):57-83.
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The Avifauna and Management of Mt. GwangDeok in Cheon-an-si and Asan-si, Chung-Nam Province
광덕산의 조류 분포실태 및 보존대책
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2021;20(1):42-56.
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Descriptions of New Species and a New Record (Six Species of Gastropods and One Species of Bivalve) of Korea
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2020;19(1):1-14.
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A Study on the Formation and Restoration of the Amphibia and Reptila in Mt. Cheongye Area
청계산 일대의 兩棲·爬蟲類 棲息相 및 復元 對策
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2020;19(1):77-105.
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The Amphibia and Reptila Fauna around Gyeongpo Provincial Park
경포도립공원 一帶의 兩棲·爬蟲類相과 生態相
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2018;17(1):55-74.
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Benthic Macroinvertebrates Fauna of Mt. Gwangdeok in Korea
광덕산 일대 저서성 대형무척추동물상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2021;20(1):1-18.
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Diversity and Resources of Fungal in Mt. Gwangdeock Areas (Chungnam)
광덕산(천안)의 균류다양성과 생태적 균류자원
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2021;20(1):19-41.
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A Study on the Formation and Restoration of the Amphibia and Reptila in Mt. Gwangdeok Area
광덕산 일대의 兩棲·爬蟲類 棲息相 및 復元對策
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2021;20(1):57-82.
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Fish Fauna of Mt. Seongju
성주산 일대의 어류상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2014;12(1_2):67-77.
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A Flora of Mt. Chilbo in Gyeonggi-do
경기도 칠보산의 식물상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2019;18(1):113-139.
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Riparian Vegetation and Bird Biotope of Urban Stream with Special Reference to Mushimcheon-River of Cheonju City, Chungbuk Province
도시하천의 하안식생과 조류 Biotope에 관한 연구- 청주시 무심천을 중심으로 -
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2007;5(4):267-287.
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Study on Hight Fungi of U nreconled Species to Korea
한국산 고등균류(버섯)의 미기록 종에 관한 연구
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(4):215-226.
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Insects Fauna of Mt. Gwangyo (Suweon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea), Based on Materials Collected during Short Survey in Summer Season
경기 수원시 광교산의 하계 곤충상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2009;7(1_2):91-100.
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Geomorphological Resources and Management Plan of Gyeongpo Provincial Park
경포도립공원의 지형자원과 관리 방안
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2018;17(1):33-43.
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Litter Production of Major Vegetation in Mt. Weolchul
월출산 주요 식생의 낙엽 생산량
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2011;9(3_4):205-210.
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Herpetofauna and geographical distribution of Mt.Tatera primeval forest at the Tsushima in Japan
타테라산 원시림의 양서·파충류와 지리적 분포
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2003;1(4):55-62.
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Vespoidea and Apoidea (Insecta: Hymenoptera) of Mt. Gwangdeok, Cheonansi, Chungcheongnamdo
충남 천안시 광덕산의 말벌상과 및 꿀벌상과
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2021;20(1):120-127.
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Water Quality Environments and Benthic Macroinvertebrates at the Gyeongpo Provincial Park (Gyeongpo Reservoir·Soonpo Wetland) in Korea
경포 도립공원(경포호·순포습지)의 수질환경과 저서성 대형무척추동물
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2018;17(1):1-32.
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The Forest Vegetation of Mt. Boryeon, Chungju-city, Chungcheongbuk-do
충북 충주 보련산의 식생
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2007;5(1_2):25-39.
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Genetic variation of Korean Rana nigromaculata (Amphibia; Ranidae) based on Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA marker
RAPD를 이용한 한국산 참개구리(양서 강; 개구리 과)의 유전적 변이에 대한 연구
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2003;1(4):75-82.
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