저서성 무척추동물을 통한 서울의 일부 도심하천의 생태적 건전성에 대한 고찰

김명철 1
Myoung Chul KIM 1
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1고려대학교 한국곤충연구소
1Korean Entomological Institute, Korea University

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Published Online: Sep 30, 2008


An ecological survey was conducted to examine the characteristics of benthic macroinvertebrate community inhabiting corvered-related 7 streams of Seoul in October 2007 and May 2008. The result indicated that macroinvertebrates were not diverse and most streams remained an unsound habitats for macroinvertebrates. The benthic macroinvertebrate taxa represented total 26 species belonging to 10 orders, 3 classes and 3 phyla from the qualitative sampling. Among these, a total of 19 aquatic insect species (73.1%) were comprised of the major groups in all communities. The relative abundance of Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Odonata and Coleoptera was 23%, 15%, 15%, and 12%, respectively. According to results, Ui stream examined 15 species. On the other hand, Wook stream showed only 2 speices. The range of ESB scores is from 4 to 15, and the water quality of all sites was α -mesosaprobic or polysaprobic.

Keywords: benthic macroinvertebrates; corvered stream; community structures; ESB