보련산 일대의 양서․파충류상

송재영1, 김태호2
Jae Yoyng SONG1, Tae-Ho KIM2
Author Information & Copyright
National Park Research Institute1
2Dept. of Biology, Kyonggi University

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2007


To investigate of fauna for amphibians and reptiles in Mt. Boryeon, a survey of Mt. Boryeon was conducted from 23 to 25 July, 2006. As a result, It investigated 8 species of the amphibians and 6 species of the reptiles for this survey. Dominant species is Rana nigromaculata, these frog is living diverse habitat such as pond, stream, river, rice field. Comparison with Mt Woraksan national park, it's possible to discover several species, Takydromus amurensis, Elaphe rufodorsata, Dinodon rufozonatus rufozonatus.

Keywords: Mt. Boryeon; Habitat; Herpetofauna