충주 보련산 지역의 지형과 지질

김주환 1
Joo Hwan KIM 1
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1동국대학교 사범대학 지리교육과
1Department of Geography Education, College of Education, Dongguk University, Korea

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2007


The purpose of this study is to prepare the basic data including geomorphological, geological and soil. The Mt. Boryeon is located in the vicinify of Chungju city area and influenced the major faults and NamHangang drainage system. The geological rocks distributions and structures and very complicated in this area. About 18 patterns of soils are represented in this area. They are alluvium, grey soils, sediments, reddish yellow soil, debris etc.

Keywords: geomorphology; geology; soil; fault; drain system