성주산의 지질과 지형 자원

김주환1, 김태석1
Joo-Hwan KIM1, Tae-Suk KIM1
Author Information & Copyright
1동국대학교 지리교육과 명예교수
2동국대학교 대학원 지리학과
1Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography Education, Dongguk University
2Department of Geography, Graduate School, Dongguk University

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2014


This study is conducted as a part of the Collective Academic Research of Mt. Seongju. Mt. Seongju was formed sedimentary rock of the Mesozoic Jurassic. And there are various geomorphological resources such as rocky outcrop, joint, talus and block stream. State of preservation of these resources is good. But artificial damage also are more likely to be affected. Therefore, additional detailed survey and conservation plan are needed.

Keywords: Mt. Seongju; rocky outcrop; joint; talus; block stream; geomorphological resource