경북지역 중소 하천에 설치된 수중보 현황 및 생태 환경 조사

이건직1, 성진욱1, 박제철1, 류재근2
Geon Jik LEE1, Jin Uk SEONG1, Je Chul PARK1, Jae Keun RYU2
Author Information & Copyright
1금오공과대학교 환경공학과
1Department of Environmental Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
2The Korean Association for Conservation of Nature

ⓒ Copyright 2009 Korean Association for Conservation of Nature. This is an Open-Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Published Online: Sep 30, 2009


This study was conducted to investigate the weir constructed in river basin, Gyeong-Buk Province Statue and evaluate the ecological environment deponding on the result of water quality analysis of upper stream, lower stream and richness, diversity, evenness. Study period was from June, 2008 to September, 2008 for two times. Study sites were selected as Nam stream(Kumho river water system) joined into the confluence of Kumho river in Suseong district meaho, Dae-Gu Metropolitan City and Nakwhaam stream(Neaseong stream water system) joined into the confluence of Neaseong stream in Bonghwa gun, Gyeong-Buk Province. Temp., pH, DO, EC, Turb., SS, BOD were conducted for analysis of water quality. The flora was investigated, as a result of that, the naturalized ratio was calculated. The richness, diversity, evenness were calculated by investigating fish Community. As a result of the evaluation of ecological environment, overall it is better lower stream than upper stream. But the study was conducted for a short period, it need to set up ecological environment by continuous monitoring and improving the problem.

Keywords: weir naturalized ratio; richness; diversity; evenness