수원시 광교산의 식생분포

류새한1, 김만호1, 홍승희2
Sae Han RYOU1, Man Ho KIM1, Seung Hee HONG2
Author Information & Copyright
2건국대학교 생물학과
1Phytosociology Research Center
2Department of Biological Sciences, Konkuk University

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2009


The phytosociological investigation was carried out at 11 sites of Mt. Gwanggyo, by the method of Braun-Blanquet(1964) from September 2008 to May 2009. The vegetation of Mt. Gwanggyo was classified into 8 communities included the plantations. The communities are as follows : Pinus densiflora community, Quercus mongolica community, Quercus mongolica-Quercus variabilis community, Quercus acutissima community, Quercus mongolica-Pinus rigida community, Pinus rigida plantation, Robinia pseudo-acacia plantation, mixed community. By the actual vegetation map, vegetation was depicted as 8 compartments included the plantation stands. It was suggested that vegetation type distributed in Mt. Gwanggyo was not nartural vegetation in the process of succession progresses instead of natural vegetation of successional presses.

Keywords: actual vegetation; Mt. Gwanggyo; vegetation classification