한국산 주름버섯과의 일부인 갓버섯과의 분류학적 재검토 (2)

조덕현1, 반승언1
Duck-Hyun CHO1, Seung-Un Ban1
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1우석대학교 자연과학대학 생물학과
1Department of Biology, College of Natural Science, Woosuk University, Chonju 565-701, Republic of Korea

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Published Online: Dec 31, 2008


Lepiotaceae list of the species found in Korea is composed of 8 genus, 44 species. Lepiota has 22 species, Cystoderma has 6 species, Leucocoprinus 8 species, Marcrolepiota has 4 species and Chlorophyllum, Leucoagaricus, Phaeolepiot, Melanophyllum has one species one another. Lepiotaceae belongs to Basidiomycota, Basidimycetes, Agariomycetidiae, and Agaricales. Like other fungi, Lepiotaceae has no chlorophyl, no specialization of the organization and its trophozoite is a mycelium composed of hypha. And sexual reproduction and fruiting body shaped like an umbrella are made in its formation processing of basidiospore, the breeding system. Each shape, size, shine and quility of fruiting body of Lepiotaceae is different in the breed and it is important sources of a classification of Lepiotaceae. Especially, the shapes and colors of various scaly which are on the surface of the fungus are important to the external classification.

Keywords: higher fungi; Lepiotaceae(geuns, species); taxonomic; reappraised