보련산의 문화유적

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Gyoung-Taek KIL 1
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1Chung Ju Museum

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2007


The research on the cultural remains was done in the area of Mt. Boryeon from July 23 to 30, 2006. As a result, sixteen cultural remains including one mountain fortress wall, two sites of temples, nine sites of kilns, and four iron smelting sites were studied. The remains are mainly distributed in the Noeun-myeon area. Fourteen (87.5%) of them are in Noewun-myeon, the southern area of Mt. Boryeon, and two (12.5%) of them are in Yangseong-myeon, the northern area of Mt. Boryeon.

Keywords: Mt. Boryeon; Mountain Fortress Wall; temple site; kiln site; iron smelting site