연인산 일대의 조류상

조삼래1, 고준서1
Sam-Rae CHO1, Jun-Seo GO1
Author Information & Copyright
1공주대학교 생명과학과
1Department of Biology, Kongju National University, Kongju 314-701, Korea

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Published Online: Dec 23, 2016


Mt. Yeonin Provincial Park 1,068 meters above sea level and width 37.445km2 at three towns, myeons in Gapyeong Country, Gyeonggi-do Province. Mt. Yeonin Provincial Park is abundant rainfall and fertile soil, thus a variety of flora and fauna and habitat. Mt. Yeonin Provincial Park has been found that tens of thousands of visitors per year, experience as a place for the natural environment is also a leading tourist attractions in metropolitan area. Bird censuses was carried out in Mt. Yeonin Provincial Park during 25~26 August and 2~3 September, total of 1,172 birds of 20 species and 2.46 of Species diversity Index: H' was recorded in Mt. Yeonin Provincial Park.

Keywords: 연인산; 가평; 도립공원; 조류상; 서식지; 조류 센서스
Keywords: Mt. Yeonin; Provincial Park; Gapyeon country; fauna; habiat; bird censuse