중랑천 일대에 서식하는 표범장지뱀(Eremias argus)의 생태학적 연구

안치경1,3, 김현정2, 이훈복2
Chi-Kyung AN1,3, Hyun-Jung KIM2, Hoon-Bok YI2
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1서울여자대학교 생물학과
2서울여자대학교 생물학과
3주식회사 녹인
1Dept. of Biology, Seoul Women's University
2Dept. of Biotechnology, Seoul Women's University
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Published Online: Dec 31, 2015


This study is producted on the habitat among the ecology of Eremias argus inhabiting the district of Jungnangcheon. We investigated from April to November in 2015. The first individual is identified on April 30th in the spring season and keep identified to October 30th before the hibemating. The required conditions by seasons are 22.4℃ in temperature, 123.8 of rainfall, and 71.2% of humidity in average. Eremias argus are identified in the vegetable garden generally, at the around of the river bank to escape in August when the flood is in occurrence because of the rainy season, and seem to prefer the field of reeds when the hibemating season is coming. Through this study, Eremiaz argus is identified to lead a life in the vegetable garden and the sandy field overall between the spring and fall which is their main act season. We identify that Eremiaz argus use the around of the river bank in summer when the flood occurs and the reed field in winter. The extent of inhabitation or the identification of individuals is less though, if Eremias argus which is in the second class in the endangered species is inhabiting, we consider that the adaptation to make regions for the conservation with more collected documents through the continuing study.

Keywords: Eremias argus; water temperature; conservation; making regions for the conservation