서울 인왕산의 양서․파충류 생태보고서

이상철1, 안치경2
Sang-Cheol LEE1, Chi-Gyung AHN2
Author Information & Copyright
1인천대학교 생물자원환경연구소
1Institute of Environmental Resources Biology, University of Incheon
2Login Company

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2015


This research is producted as a part of business to understand the biological diversity of divorced ecosystem in downtown area and the present condition of the ecosystem in the forest area nearby, and manage them, through the comprehensive ecological scientific investigation of this site. We investigate the amphibians and reptiles centrally and this report will be utilized as a fundamental document for the establishment of planning of the condition and managing-ground of the ecosystem zone in the city. As a result of field investigation, 3 Order 5 Family 7 Species of amphibians and reptiles is found in typical forms of characteristic - amphibians are diverse relatively. The population sizes of all amphibians and reptiles found in the site are not big and it is considered because the geological characteristic – complexly located in near the center of city - make continuous artificial disturbing factors. Furthermore, the simpleness of vegetation belt constructing the forest and the reduction of feed resource in total amount, water resource and diversity would impact on it. Among them, the reduction of water resource and decease in stability is considered as a main cause. Improving and supplementing the present waterway in a continuous usable form which is suitable for wild animals’ use is the urgent issue and besides the settlement of managing plan and proper application should be followed.

Keywords: Herptile(amphibian and reptile); Population; Downtown ecosystem; City ecosystem zone