성주산 (보령)의 균류상

조덕현1, 정재연1
Duck-Hyun CHO1, Jae-Yon CHUNG1
Author Information & Copyright
1경희대학교 자연사박물관
1Natural History Museum, Kyung-Hee University

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2014


Many fungi were collected from 1, August, 2013 to 31, October, 2013 at Mt. Seongju in Boryung, Chungnam. They were identified. According to resulting, they were compsed 1 division, 3 subdivision, 4 classes, 1 subclasses, 13 orders, 29 families, 55 genera, 83 species. Among them, unrecorde genera are Brevicellium, and Exidiopsis and unrecorded species are Brevicellium olivascens, Tomentella crinalis and Exidiopsis calcea. They were designed common names by authors.

Keywords: Mt. Seongju; unrecorded genus and species; Korean common name