수락산과 불암산 일대에 서식하는 계곡산개구리(Rana huanrenensis)의 산란서식지 생태학적 연구

안치경 1
Chi-Kyung AN 1
Author Information & Copyright
1서울여자대학교 생물학과
1Dept. of Biology, Seoul Women's University

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Published Online: Dec 31, 2013


We surveyed physical environment of Rana huanrenensis in Mt. Surak and Mt. Bulam mountainside from February 2013 to June 2013. The method that measured to water temperature, pH, salinity in spawning site and habitats. Also organize and record the data for analysis to spawning site and habitats environment. In addition we refer temperature in Seoul temperature data. Mt. Bulam is control site with study site that measured the value of the analysis of water quality. the result that DO, pH and water temperature is shown similarly in Mt. Surak and Mt. Bulam. but we measure that Rana huanrenensis was give up to spawning in the control site of pine communities of Mt. Bulam and concrete site and Rhynchocypris oxycephalus communities site. The conclusion that we confirmed spawning of Rana huanrenensis need to 4.8 to 7.1℃ for temperature and 6.12 to 7.91 for pH and 6.02 to 7.99mg/L for dissolved oxygen(mg/L) and leaves should be covered more than 10% of the valley and they favor for spawning in poolside that is not exist water flow. This study data is can be adapt in site for Rana huanrenensis conservation through physical environment of Rana huanrenensis when construction progress in Rana huanrenensis habitats.

Keywords: Kaloula borealis; water temperature; pH; salinity; DO; restoration