우면산 일대의 균류상

조덕현1, 정재연2
Duck-Hyun CHO1, Jae-Yon CHUNG2
Author Information & Copyright
1경희대학교 자연사박물관
1Natural History Museum, Kyung Hee University
2Cho Duck Hyun Mushrooms Museum

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2013


Many fungi were collected at Mt. Umyeon from July, 2012 to Oct. 2012. They were identified. As the resulting, They were compposed of 3 divisions, 2 subdivisions, 5 classes, 3 subclasses, 17 orders, 5 families, 85 genera and 151 species. Among them dominant genus was Amanita. Anthrocobia, Ascocoryne, Erionema are newly genera to Korea. Following species are unrecorded in Korea : Calvatia giganeta, Amanita eliae, A. magniverrucata, A. sinensis, Inonotus tomentosus, Tylopilus rigens, Russula medullata, Anthrocobia maurilabra, Ascocoryne sarcoides, Erionema aureum and Fuligo candida. They were desinged Korean common names by authors.

Keywords: Mt. Umyeon; newly genera to Korea; dominant genus; unrecorded Korean common names