문경시 주흘산(主屹山) 일대의 버섯종다양성 및 자원 조사

조덕현1, 반승언2
Duck-Hyun CHO1, Seung-Eon BAN2
Author Information & Copyright
1The Korean Association for Conservation of Nature
2Jangheung Research Institute for Industry

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2012


Many wild mushrooms were collected at Mt. Juheul areas for 1 day in August 2011 and 3 day in September. They were identified and examined with references. According to the result, species diversities are 1 division, 1 subphylum, 2 classes, 2 subclasses, 12 orders, 37 familys, 71 genera and 110 species. Dominant famillies are Marasmiaceae, Amanitaceae and Boletaceae. Resources of wild mushrooms were 29 species in edibility, 4 species in clulture, 20 species in toxine, 10 species in medicne, 2 species in anticancer, 27 species in ectomycorrizahe and 45 species in rotten wood.

Keywords: Mt. Juheul; wild mushroom; species diversity; resources of fungi; geographical distributions