홍제천 수계의 저서무척추동물 군집

배경석1, 임귀철1, 김광래1, 김경희1, 이광식1, 조현석1, 이민환1
Kyung Seok BAE1, Gui Cheol LIM1, Kwang Rae KIM1, Kyung Hee KIM1, Kwang Sik LEE1, Hyeon Seok CHO1, Min Hwan LEE1
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1서울시보건환경연구원 수환경생태팀
1Aquatic Ecology Team, Seoul Gov. Inst. of Public Health and Environment

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Published Online: Jun 30, 2012


This study was conducted to examine the characteristics of benthic macroinvertebrate community at Water System of Hongje Stream from February 23 to October 20, 2011. Total taxa of benthic macroinvertebrates at Water System of Hongje Stream were 62 species, 37 families, 14 orders, 6 classes in 4 phyla. Occurrence species of main stream of Hongje Stream were 49 species, while Bulgwang Stream were 24 species. Gammarus sp.1, Cinticostella levanidovae, Dugesia japonica which are considered as clean water indicaters were dominant species at site 1, while Limnodrilus gotoi and Chironomidae sp. which are as pollution indicaters were dominant species at other 4 sites. Mean species diversity indices at site 1 was 3.29, while other sites were 2.00~2.18. Mean species richness indices as site 1 was 3.19, while other sites were 0.90~1.46. Therefore, the result shows that site 1 was a more ecologically stable water area than others. When measuring ecological score of benthic macroinvertebrate community, the results came out as follows: site 1 was 51, site 2 was 8, site 3 was 7, site 4 was 15 and site 5 was 13. From above results, we can conclude the biological water quality level of all sites as follows; level 2 at site 1, level 4 at site 2 and site 3, level 3 at site 4 and site 5.

Keywords: Hongje Stream; Bulgwang Stream; benthic macroinverte community