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Korean Journal of Nature Conservation. Vol. 8, No. 1, 2010

A Study on Geomorphology and Geology of Mt. Chilgap
칠갑산의 지형과 지질
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):1-23.
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Vegetational Change of Mt. ChiIgap
칠갑산의 식생 변화
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):25-30.
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Benthic Macroinvertebrate Commmunity of Streams Located in Mt. Chilgap, Cheongyang
청양 칠갑산 일대 수계의 저서성대형무척추동물 군집
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):31-44.
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Fish Fauna of Mt. Chilgap
칠갑산 일대의 어류상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):45-54.
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Study on Ecological Research and Herpetofauna Biodiversity at the Mt. Chilgap
칠갑산 일대 양서·파충류 생물다양성 및 생태연구
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):55-69.
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Flora of Mt. Chilgap
칠갑산의 식물상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):71-90.
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The Mycodiversity of Fungi and Ecvological Resources in Mt. Chilgap
칠갑산 일대의 균류 다양성과 생태적 균류 자원
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):91-115.
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A Faunistic Study on the Terrestrial Insects from Mt. Chilgap in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
칠갑산 곤충상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):117-128.
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Department of Biology, College of Natural Science, Kongju National University
칠갑산 일대의 하계 조류상
Korean J. Nat. Conserv. 2010;8(1):129-135.
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